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Noi & Star's story in brief
 In April 2001 when Miranda, her son Jordan and myself were visiting Koh Tao for a holiday, a small disabled puppy attached herself to us. We named her Noi, which is Thai for little one.

We tried to help Noi as much as we could and were very distressed when we had to leave her on the island. When we came back to the UK we couldn't stop thinking about her so, three months later, Miranda and Jordan went back to Koh Tao to find Noi and bring her home.

At first they couldn't find her and feared she was dead. Whilst they searched for Noi another injured puppy latched onto them. He had a perfect Star on his chest so there was no problem giving him a name - Star.

When they did eventually find Noi she was nearly dead. After a great deal of TLC Noi became strong enough to travel and they managed to bring both dogs back to the UK on a very eventful journey.

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Now that you have read the story about the "founding four legged members" that were behind the beginning of the foundation and the “Noistar” name, here are a few more of the clinic’s own special residents – both past and present.

You can read more about them and other animals in our Newsletters too.


Image At the beginning of 2005, Melissa Lintern , a talented artist offered to paint the outside wall by the entrance to the Koh Tao clinic for free, as a her way of contributing to the clinic and showing her love for the animals.

The first subjects of the wall mural were not hard to find, of course the clinic logo which was designed by Eline De Neuborg’s brother and the official Noistar charity logo which was designed by Ekapon of Air Design/Graphics and Noi & Star, the clinics name stakes would be featured to welcome all to the clinic.