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Jordan Arriving at Koh Samui they were met by the motorbike and sidecar from the dogs home. The dogs were loaded up and Star howled all the way the rescue centre. They had to go between two different vets to get the dogs injected, get their vaccinations and get Star's leg fixed and then take them back to the rescue centre. By the time they arrived at their hotel they were exhausted. They stayed on Koh Samui for the next few days visiting Noi and Star and generally helping out at the rescue centre. By now they had another dilemma. Star was really attached to them how could they take him back to the life of a beach dog where anything might happen? After much soul searching they decided to bring Star home. Back in the UK I frantically sorted out the import license and alerted the quarantine kennels that we were now bringing two dogs back!

To prepare for the next leg of the journey - the flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok, the airline had insisted that the dogs be sedated until they were asleep. The quarantine kennel here in the UK had expressly said not to sedate them because of the danger of hypothermia. A double dose of tranquilliser was administered to Noi because the first one didn't seem to work.

When they arrived at Bangkok the dogs, in their sky kennels, were actually sent out on the conveyor belt with the luggage!!! Miranda went off to sort out some documentation and whilst she was away Jordan, thinking that Noi didn't look too good, put his hand into the cage and in her drugged state Noi bit him and wouldn't let go. He started screaming. It took a security guard to prise her off. Miranda came back to find Jordan in tears and blood all over the floor. She had to bundle the two dogs, still in their cages, Jordan and the luggage off to the nearby private hospital where Jordan had to have rabies and a tetanus injection and get his wound cleaned and his arm bandaged. They dropped the dogs off with Tordis - the contact in Bangkok that Bridget from the rescue centre had arranged and dragged themselves off to their hotel.

At nine o'clock the next morning Tordis rang the hotel. There was a problem. The excessive dose of the tranquilliser may have caused Noi to go blind. Miranda and Jordan rushed to Tordis's. Things didn't look good but fortunately after a few days Noi's sight began to return and she is now fully recovered.

On their return to the UK there followed six long months in quarantine from which they were released in February 2002. I trained them over the last year and have successfully re-homed Star with a lovely couple Kath and Richard. Noi lives with me an my original dog Ruby.

Our experience of the great suffering of the animals of Koh Tao has led Miranda and myself to form the Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation. We believe the only way to solve the problem is to set up a permanent vet clinic facilitating a neutering and nurturing programme. We hope you will support us in our efforts.

Jayne Chard

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