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Jordan and NoiThere were a few heart stopping days when we thought she was dead. Then she suddenly turned up but she was in a pretty bad state. She was sicker than before and was covered in mange and wouldn't eat. Over the next few they fed her up and gave her some anti bioitics and Vitamin C. But now there was another problem.

Whilst they were looking for Noi another outcast had attached himself to them. Like Noi he was an Indian Pia puppy and also like her he was the bottom of the pack and in a pretty bad state. He had a perfect star on his chest so there was no problem in giving him a name - Star. Since they'd first met Star someone had thrown stones at him and he was now hobbling painfully on three legs. They decided that they would take him with them to the vet at the dog's home in Koh Samui, fix him up and return him to the island.

The only way from Koh Tao to Koh Samui is by speedboat and it's a pretty rocky journey. For Miranda the journey by jeep to the jetty and then the crossing to Koh Samui with two dogs, a kid and luggage was a challenge particularly as the dogs wouldn't walk on leads and had to be carried. But probably most challenging of all was the continual vomiting of little Star on the speed boat that reached such a pitch that she wanted to throw him overboard!