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In May 2006, on a visit to the Koh Tao clinic, Trustee and Co-Founder Jayne Chard, along with Veterinary Technician/ Medical Director Leanne Pancer, decided that what was desperately needed to improve the welfare of the animal population on the island was to undertake an island wide Neutering, Vaccination and Education Program (NVP). They set about putting together a comprehensive proposal for such a project CLICK HERE  to see this original proposal. Back in the UK Jayne set about raising the funds for the NVP and in June 2007 managed to secure a grant from RSPCA International.

Koh Tao Baseline Population and Welfare Survey 2007/8
The first stage was to undertake an island wide survey of the dog population on Koh Tao. This would enable us to establish the current situation, develop relevant strategy, resources and budget for a humane dog management program for the island.

The survey was carried out across the whole island in November and December 2007. It was a huge undertaking involving not only a head count of all the dogs but also interviews with owners.  The results from the survey were collated and passed onto Dr Kate and Dr Natahsa of WSPA who kindly wrote them up into a comprehensive report.

The results were interesting. The survey identified a dog population of 700. Most of the dogs on the island were either owned or 'half stray' (i.e. community) dogs (78%). Only 22% were considered totally unowned i.e. 'strays'. A potential 255 dogs were identified for neutering and vaccination. CLICK HERE to see the entire report.

With the support of the island's Orbitor's office the NVP started on February 18th 2008 and ran for four weeks. During this time both owned and stray dogs were neutered and rabies vaccinated for free. The operations took place at the clinic and also at field clinics in the more remote parts of the island.The operations took place at the clinic and also at field clinics in the more remote parts of the island. CLICK HERE to read a full report on the success of the NVP. CLICK HERE to see a video of the project.

Dr Natasha Lee has contributed a Case Study about this project to an electronic consultation on dog management - for more info about this CLICK HERE . To Read Dr Lee's Case Study CLICK HERE

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Here you can read about some of the animals we have treated over the last few months, personal accounts of volunteers, who have given not only of their time but of their hearts and information on up and coming projects, just click on the link below and you will be taken to the newsletter which is in a pdf format. 

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